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Home/Blog/The Best Cases for iPhone 14 Range: Choose your style
15 Sep 2022 · 6 minutes read
· by Josephine Nuamah

The Best Cases for iPhone 14 Range: Choose your style

Apple have announced their long awaited iPhone 14 models in their generation of smartphones, but with all these models, which case is the most suitable to keep your new device protected?   

Take a look at some of the fresh new and updated cases from your favourite brands to ensure your phone stays protected.   


As the excitement of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro releases by Apple last week continues, we all know (some more than others…) the importance of protecting your iPhone - given its price point!

But deciding which case is most suitable for your everyday use may be difficult. It’s important to provide an extra layer of protection for your device as you don't want your expensive new phone to suffer a scratch, bump or crack, especially if you're clumsy and drop your device often. Going out without a case makes it more likely for your device to suffer from defects or even water damage so choosing the right case can help with the longevity of your phone. 


You have probably heard of Nomad by now as they are one of the leading Apple supported electronics accessory companies based in Santa Barbara, CA. They focus on minimalist products and tools for the modern day nomad and design modern and sleek cases for all iPhones and wearable technology.

Leather Case

Leather cases provide a traditional but modern style to elevate the look and feel of your iPhone while offering rugged protection. Built with full grain, sustainably sourced leather from world renowned tanneries such as Ecco and Horween Leather, the Nomad Modern Leather Case does not wear down like other leather cases. Nomad have innovatively crafted the new leather cases to develop a finish unique to you.

Danish tannery Ecco patinas over time to create a dark, lustrous sheen without losing any of its natural features. Nomad have beautifully created the Ecco leather case in 4 bold colours to suit any iPhone.

Horween leather is minimally treated and rather than correcting for blemishes or colour variation, the Horween team embraces these imperfections as signs of authenticity and personality – available in 2 traditional colours.

Despite the exterior design of the leather cases, provide a 10ft drop protection so you can feel safe when your phone takes those unexpected tumbles.

If you are looking for more practicality to your leather case, the folios may just be right for you. The Nomad Folios compliment the best features of a wallet and phone case to provide the all-round functionality for you. Both leather cases and folios maximise Apple MagSafe compatibility so you can charge whilst protected. Nomad have provided each folio with the same leather materials seen in the cases.

Sport Case

Bold but for everyday use. The Sport cases encompass both tactile materials to endure harsher environments utilising a high-loss backplate for water-resistant protection. The TPE protective bumper provides a secure grip and highly-responsive metal buttons further boost Sport Case’s functionality, making it the perfect everyday case.

Taking inspiration from California’s coastline, Nomad presents subtle colours for the Sport Cases in Ash Green, Marine Blue and Lunar Grey that compliment any outfit and will stand the test of time. 

Sport Cases 

All Sport Cases are MagSafe compatible for Qi standard wireless charging.

Rugged Case

The Rugged cases have been the latest edition to the Nomad product line with its highest drop protection of 15ft, so you can adventure with confidence using this case. Nomad have meticulously designed the Rugged case using a durable polycarbonate frame and fortified corner bumpers to allow your iPhone to lay flat on any surface while protecting your iPhone’s camera.

The dual lanyard attachment points provide versatile options in wearing or holding your iPhone for easy hands-free action. With an integrated array of ultra-thin Nickel-plated Neodymium magnets to maximise MagSafe functionality and facilitate fast charging.

Rugged Case 


The Dutch luxury design brand founded in 2011, manufacturing Apple accessories not only for iPad but for laptop sleeves and iPad cases. Mujjo has grown exponentially over the past years and continues to evolve and innovate by creating exquisitely designed products.

Leather Cases

Also teaming up with Danish tannery Ecco, Mujjo have been able to design a clean and sleek silhouette that follows the contours of the device for well-balanced security at your fingertips. The case interior is lined with Japanese microfibre to provide internal padded comfort to your iPhone but also feels lightweight. Mujjo has impeccably integrated high-quality craftsmanship with protection so you experience all the features from the case you want.

Now, Mujjo cases have taken their cases a step further to be MagSafe compatible to optimise your Apple device seamlessly.


Full Leather case - Available in Tan
Full Leather Wallet Case - Available in Black
Full Leather Wallet Case - Available in Tan


Be quick! Last chance to get your cases for iPhone 13 and more. Check more of our iPhone cases here to find the right protection for you.  

Published 15 Sep 2022 by Josephine Nuamah
Josephine Nuamah
E-commerce Executive

When Josephine isn't busy dealing with customer queries....she is busy getting all the latest content about trends in technology.

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