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Home/Blog/Springtime Hits at MegaMac
28 Mar 2024 · 2 minutes read
· by Aziza Khasanova

Springtime Hits at MegaMac

Don't wait—explore our collection today and make this spring truly unforgettable.

Spring In Full Bloom

Spring is all about renewal, freshness, and embracing the beauty of change. With MegaMac's Spring bestsellers celebrate the season in all its glory.

Poetry of Things

Inspired by the mesmerising beauty of the moonlit nights of spring, the PITAKA Poetry of Things ChromaCarbon Band in Moon is a poetic addition to the Apple Watch. The fresh design and unique carbon fibre construction make this band both lightweight and incredibly strong.

Whether attending a springtime soirée or enjoying a leisurely evening walk, this band complements any outfit with its understated elegance.

A man holding a phone in his hands featuring PITAKA's watch band in MOON.
PITAKA Poetry of Things ChromaCarbon Band
A man standing against the wall featured with PITAKA's watch band on his wrist
PITAKA Poetry of Things ChromaCarbon Band

Fresh Bursts of Green

As nature comes alive with fresh bursts of green, why not accessorise your AirPods Max with a touch of spring? Crafted from high-quality leather, this case is as durable as it is stylish.

Whether you're strolling through blooming gardens or enjoying a picnic in the park, the AirPods Max will be securely nestled in this beautiful accessory.

WOOLNUT's Airpods Max Case on the table with other two tech organisers, bottle of champagne and candles
WOOLNUT Leather Case for AirPods Max - Green
A photo of Woolnut's Airpods Max cases in different colours in front of a white wall
WOOLNUT Leather Case for AirPods Max - Green

Electric Blue

Springtime calls for vibrant colours, and our exclusive Nomad Sport Band in Electric Blue (Exclusive to MegaMac!) is here to brighten up the Apple Watch.

Designed for those who lead an active lifestyle, this limited edition band is perfect for outdoor workouts, morning runs, or simply adding a pop of colour to the everyday look. The durable and comfortable material ensures to embrace the season with confidence and style.

A man captured running with a Nomad Band in Electric Blue on his wrist
Nomad Sport Band - 45/49mm - Electric Blue
A man sitting with a Nomad's Watch Band in Electric Blue on his wrist
Nomad Sport Band - 45/49mm - Electric Blue

Stay tuned for more exciting releases and exclusive offers from MegaMac!

Published 28 Mar 2024 by Aziza Khasanova
Aziza Khasanova
E-commerce Associate

I’m Aziza. I’m an intrepid explorer of both digital realms and far-flung corners of the world. With a background in fashion, I’ve now anchored myself as an E-commerce Associate at MegaMac. Currently, I love exploring the untamed beauty of the UK’s landscapes, all while cherishing the precious moments shared with my loved ones.

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