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8 Feb 2024 · 4 minutes read
· by Aziza Khasanova

Our Favourite Valentine's Day Gifts

Surprise your special someone with gifts they'll adore this Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate the season of romance than by surprising your special someone with a gift they'll adore? We've curated the perfect Valentine's Day collection to help you express your affection in style. Whether you're shopping for him or her, our favourite Valentine’s Day gifts are sure to make hearts flutter.

Adventurous & Stylish Accessories

For Him: Peak Design Universal Bar Mount

For the man who's always on the move and loves to capture life's moments, the Universal Bar Mount is an ideal present. Designed to complement his adventurous spirit, this versatile mount allows him to attach his iPhone or any other device securely to almost any bar - whether it's on his bike, motorcycle, or even a baby stroller.

An ideal accessory for capturing breathtaking landscapes on weekend rides or staying connected on the daily commute, the Peak Design Universal Bar Mount is the perfect companion for his next adventure.

For Her: WOOLNUT Leather Case for AirPods Max

She's sophisticated, stylish, and always on trend - so why not spoil her with the luxurious WOOLNUT Leather Case for AirPods? Crafted from the finest vegetable-tanned leather, this perfect case exudes elegance and class. Whether she's commuting to work or unwinding with her favourite playlist, the WOOLNUT Leather Case will keep her AirPods protected in style.

Bar mount on the bicycle
Peak Design Universal Bar Mount
A Woolnut Case for AirPods Max on the table
WOOLNUT Leather Case for AirPods Max

Efficient Work-From-Home Essentials

For Him: Nomad Base One Max 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger

Let's start with the gentleman in your life who appreciates functionality without sacrificing style. This most wanted charging solution is designed with the modern man in mind, offering a seamless way to power up all favourite Apple devices.

Not only does the Nomad Base Charger deliver fast and efficient charging, but its premium materials and minimalist design elevate any space. Perfect for his home office or bedside table, this charger embodies the essence of luxury and functionality. Show him just how much you care with a gift that's as practical as it is stylish.

For Her: Satechi Duo Wireless Charger Power Stand

Now, let's turn our attention to the leading lady in your life who deserves nothing but the best. This Wireless Power Stand is a must-have accessory for the tech-savvy woman who values both form and function.

Designed to charge both her iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, the Satechi Power Stand simplifies her daily routine while adding a touch of luxury to her space. Crafted from premium materials and featuring an adjustable stand, this accessory seamlessly blends into any environment, whether it's her home office or bedside table.

Satechi Wireless Charger on the table with other apple devices
Satechi Duo Wireless Charger Power Stand
Nomad Base One Max Wireless Charger for 3 Apple devices in one on the table close to a plant and computer
Nomad Base One Max 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger

Everyday Companions

For Him: Nomad Sport Band - Night Watch Red

This Valentine's Day, show him just how much he means to you with the Nomad Sport Band in Night Watch Red. Crafted for the modern adventurer, this limited edition band is not only stylish but also durable, making it the ideal accessory for his active lifestyle. Whether he's hitting the gym or exploring the great outdoors, the Nomad Sport Band will keep pace with him every step of the way. With its bold red hue reminiscent of a romantic sunset, this band is the perfect symbol of your love and admiration.

An ideal accessory for capturing breathtaking landscapes on weekend rides or staying connected on the daily commute, the Peak Design Universal Bar Mount is the perfect companion for his next adventure.

For Her: Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max - Tan

Another elegant addition to our Valentine's Day lineup is the Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max .

Mujjo Cases are a fusion of style and practicality, tailored for the modern woman. Its smooth contours and luxurious tan leather make it a sight to behold, while its precise design ensures a snug fit for the iPhone, protecting without compromising on aesthetics.

The perfect companion for the dynamic and on-the-go woman, this case effortlessly combines style with utility, allowing her to navigate her day with confidence and flair.

Nomad Night Watch Red Watch Band on a man's wrist
Nomad Sport Band - Limited Edition
Mujjo iPhone 15 pro case in colour tan in the woman's jean's pocket
Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max

Get it by Valentine's Day - order before the 10th of February. Got questions or need advice? Feel free to reach out to me directly -

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us!

Published 8 Feb 2024 by Aziza Khasanova
Aziza Khasanova
E-commerce Associate

I’m Aziza. I’m an intrepid explorer of both digital realms and far-flung corners of the world. With a background in fashion, I’ve now anchored myself as an E-commerce Associate at MegaMac. Currently, I love exploring the untamed beauty of the UK’s landscapes, all while cherishing the precious moments shared with my loved ones.

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