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1 Sep 2022 · 3 minutes read
· by Josephine Nuamah

Back to School Essentials

As we are nearing the end of the summer holidays, it is always good to start your new school year or job with a bang so we bring you some must-have tech gadgets to get you back in the swing of school or work.


Starting a new job or school year can be quite daunting and we want our tech to be working as best for the new challenges ahead. When the time comes to replace your laptop or tablet, we want to keep our devices as protected as possible so they can continue functioning optimally throughout the year. Nomad has curated the perfect solution to this with their Horween Leather MacBook and iPad cases. Not only are they lined and protect against scratches, but they produce a patina (traditional pattern) which develops over time, so your sleeve never needs to be replaced.

Nomad Horween Leather Sleeve


We see the new launch for iPhone 14 coming very soon so we can expect a lot of people to either be upgrading their current mobile device or buying the most sought-after smartphone outright. And with Apple’s increasing price points for iPhones, it is always to keep our valuables protected. Whether you are planning to upgrade to the newest version or not, brands like Native Union, Mujjo and Nomad  provide great quality products  to protect your phone in style… or just for functionality. 


Nomad Cases for iPhone


The  new academic year or job may require an increase in work rate and flow which maybe your current device cannot handle. Not to worry, internal and external storage options are available for both Apple Mac and Windows PC operating systems to allow you to expand your device without the cost of a new computer. Or maybe you just want to speed up the performance of your device, a dock from OWC or CalDigit produces ground-breaking units so you reach those lightning speeds.

Lifestyle Accessories

Airpod Tips: Get a more comfortable listening experience with Comply SoftConnect Foam tips for a secure fit all day long when wearing your AirPods at work or in school.

AirTag Keychain: Locate any of your personal items whether that be your keys or backpack so you are never late trying to find those easy to lose items!

Stands: Stands are a great way for users to maximise their workspace for their desktop or tablets whilst promoting good posture when working or studying for long hours. It’s also great for ventilation so your device does not overheat on those power-hungry applications.

Satechi Stand for iPad Pro 


We have many more accessories or parts for you to feel prepared when going back to school or starting that new job. But if there is something we have missed out…Contact us at so we can get you extra prepared with any tech gadget!   


Published 1 Sep 2022 by Josephine Nuamah
Josephine Nuamah
E-commerce Executive

When Josephine isn't busy dealing with customer queries....she is busy getting all the latest content about trends in technology.

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