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13 Jan 2022 · 3 minutes read
· by Mairead Bond

Apple Rumours for 2022

Happy New Year folks, and welcome back to the Megamac blog!

We loved writing weekly content for you in 2021, and we are continuing with the fun for 2022.

This week we are looking at what may be in store for Apple this year - so read on to find out all the big rumours for new Apple products in 2022!
MacBook Air
MacBook Air may be getting a redesign similar to the colourful selection of iMacs which launched in 2021. The famous tapered design could be on the way out, with a more uniform straight, flat-edged design taking over. It is also rumoured that MacBook Air will use the M2 chip.
Mac Mini
Apple is said to be working on a new, more powerful Mac mini. A redesign is expected for the Mini and many expect it to come with an M1 Pro or M1 Max chip - or even an M2 chip, creating a truly powerful Mac Mini experience. It's also been rumoured that there will be a few different models of the Mac Mini.

Mac Pro
Rumors indicate there are two new Mac Pros in the works. One is an update of the current “cheese grater” model which was released in 2019. This would stick with the current design and simply update its internals with a new Intel chip and probably new AMD graphics. The other is a half-sized Mac Pro that will look similar to the current design, only smaller, and could be reminiscent of the Power Mac G4 Cube from 2000.

It is pretty much certain that iPadOS will be updated in 2022, most likely around the Autumn time.

iPad Air
Apple updated nearly all its iPads in 2021, except for the iPad Air, which underwent a significant redesign in September 2020, so it's definitely time that the iPad Air got an update for 2022. We might see an M1 chip in the iPad Air, and 5G is also to be expected.

iPad Pro
According to Mark Gurman, we can expect a new iPad Pro with an updated design and wireless charging support. Given that the current iPad Pro has an M1 chip, we might see the M2 chip in use. MagSafe support for the iPad is also said to be in the works and charging other devices from the iPad may also be possible.

iOS 16
We can expect a brand new iOS in 2022. iOS 16 could see a new design and new widgets.

iPhone 14
iPhone 13 was only released in September 2021, but there are already rumours about the next iPhone. iPhone mini models may be a thing of the past - instead there will be a larger non-Pro iPhone to match the Pro Max. We expect that all models will get the 120Hz refresh rate that was only available on the Pro models this year, an even smaller notch also seems likely, as do and camera improvements.

iPhone SE
It's rumoured there will be a new iPhone SE with 5G coming in the spring. The original iPhone SE appeared way back in March 2016 and, aside from a storage bump in March 2017, it then went four years without an update. In fact, Apple actually retired the iPhone SE in 2018, leaving many suspecting that the cheaper iPhone had had its day. But as the most affordable iPhone option it may be time for Apple to bring it back again. Features expected for the new model include 5G connectivity, A15 Bionic processor and a redesign.

What do you want Apple to release in 2022? Let us know over on our social media channels, we would love to hear from you!
Published 13 Jan 2022 by Mairead Bond
Mairead Bond
E-commerce Executive

Since early 2021, Mairead's role includes writing and editing everything to do with the Megamac Blog to provide those tech questions we all need answers to. She is keenly interested in Apple tech, Instagram content and travel.

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